Confrontation Breeds

They were never happier than when they were arguing.  The racing hearts, the rush of emotions, the flash when the lamp hit the wall.  He had fallen for her only after the first time he’d seen her detonate on a rude coffee-house barista.  The fire inside of her engulfed his senses in a way nothing else could.  Her curls seemed more vibrant in their copper hues and the green in her eyes were practically aglow when ire blasted through her veins.

He heard a cabinet in the kitchen slam against its frame and it startled him from the newspaper he had been reading.  She hated it when he read the morning paper at night.  “It’s wrong,” she’d say.  “Why?” he’d ask with a smirk and a condescending lift of his brow.  If she had hackles, they would bristle every time.  Her response would be a shriek, “Because it’s the morning newspaper!”

Now, his head lolled against the back of the couch with a grumbling sigh.  Now what?  He walked through the living room into the kitchen to find her standing in front of the sink with hunched shoulders.

“What is it?” he asked, his hands in the pockets of his blue jeans.  She straightened without looking at him.  She pushed by, hair wild with the movement.

“Like you don’t know,” she mumbled.  He stalked after her, the rush of the impending conflict taking hold.

“Excuse me?  I clearly don’t!”  She walked over to the door and began to pull a grey pea coat over her thin arms.  “Oh, no, no, no!” he hollered, running over to her.  “You don’t get to throw a fit then storm out.”  He jerked the coat from her grasp.  She stared at him with utter disbelief, or disgust; he wasn’t sure.

“Are you going to hit me next?” she asked snidely and the ice in her voice nearly took his breath away.

“Do I need to?”  He didn’t mean it, and she knew it, but she still stormed back into the living room anyway.  She flopped herself down on the couch with cross arms.

“What?!” he exclaimed.  She looked up with dazzling eyes.

“You’re a jerk.”  His mind spun thinking of what he could have done, but she spoke first.  “Do you know what day it is?”  Again, his mind raced.  Birthday, June fourth,  Valentines day, six months away.  Anniversary, we just had it. 

“N-no?”  He pushed at his hair which had flopped into his eyes in the chase.  She pushed air through her loose lips in exasperation.  “What day is it?”  She stood, her overwhelming confidence contradicting her short stature.

“Go look in the bedroom.  Maybe you’ll get a clue.”  She turned as he slowly back away.  He bit his lip nervously.  Shut, what could I have forgotten?  He looked at her over his shoulder as he made his way to the stairs.  He was almost sure he saw the twinkle of a split-second smile.

He hopped up the stairs, breath thin and apprehensive.  The door at the summit was closed and he took hold of the doorknob with broad hands.  He opened it and was immediately confused… until he reached the bed.  On an ornate handkerchief in the center of the duvet sat a long piece of plastic with a purple cap.  His heart hammered.  He picked it up.  Pregnant.

As his smile grew and his breathing began to hammer in his chest, he turned to find her in the doorway holding two more of the purple capped devices.  There were tears in her eyes.

“It’s the day you find out you’re gonna be a daddy.”  Delicate fingers laid gently over a beautiful, wide smile.  He darted over took her in both his arms.  She laughed from her belly as he spun her.

“Oh, babe,” he crooned.  “Oh, my god, babe, I can’t-  I can’t believe it.”  She pulled away to look at him and he wiped away her smearing mascara.

“Surprise you?” she asked and he guffawed.

“You could say that!  I almost did hit you.”  She wrinkled her nose in humor.

“That’ll teach you.”  They beamed at each other a moment before he kissed her on the mouth.  Suddenly, she looked nervous.

“What is it?” he asked, arms still tight around her body.

“What are we going to name it?”  He thought a moment, tightening his mouth in his distress.  Then his concern melted away as he grinned crookedly at the love of his life.  She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows.

“I don’t know…” he said with amusement.  “Wanna fight over it?”


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