Reverse Culture Shock


As I spend the last few days in Murray, Kentucky, I find myself less and less attached to the charm of a small town. “Friendliest Town In America”, perhaps, but also riddled with cigarette smoke, low ambition, and cabin fever. The buildings of the university provide a serene display as I make my way into the heart of town. A mere thirty minutes and my out of the way neighborhood has turned into the scarce skittering of life that’s Murray on a Sunday night. The sprinkling of religious values remind me of how very little I actually fit in here. My small town bringing-up holds no merit.
Southern Pines, on the other hand, holds promise in the idea that the old quarter of town with its locally owned shops, familiar faces, and gorgeous landscape is complimented by nearby Aberdeen and the buzz of life and opportunity to experience something. There won’t be the burden of dark windows of early hours. There will be stimulation. There will be experience.


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