Plagiarism & Finals Week

I’ve never stolen someone’s work with malicious intent. I’ve never read words that spilled from someone else’s mind and stamped my name in big, red letters over the top. I’ve never plucked an idea from another’s mouth and placed it in my own to roll it around until it seemed like mine.  Never would I steal someone’s glow in that way.

The severity of which plagiarism is defined and punished in the education system still astonishes me today, even after eighteen years of being in the over-and-out program of learning.  You must learn from others and show your teachers that you’ve learned by reimagining a concept that might have taken the author themselves every ounce of their own energy to precisely word in just the way they wanted.

By no means do I suggest that a simple rewording of a sentence is enough to call it your own in the setting of essays or responses to great works or extensive research…

But I feel summaries, summaries with lists and scores and names and numbers, are nearly impossible to reinterpret.  To reinvent a specific place and happening in history is, by definition, impossible.

I can feel my brain grinding to a halt rewording and reworking what I’ve already churned through weeks ago.  One failed test, one 0 out of 10 because of a percentage, and here I am; I am here desperately trying to bring up my grade because no good words start with D from where I’m sitting.  Damnation, detrimental, difficulty.

My pride has been squashed under the automatic misunderstanding of a computer and its overzealous comprehension of my words and where they have come from.  Do I explain to my screen, “The company has settings. They have departments. They have staff, and those staff have specific names and titles. Who am I to change it?” Who is It to tell me I’ve stolen from these people, whose sole purpose is to express an idea into my head.

It has. All of these ideas are so prevalent in my mind that I scarcely find the opportunity to extract them from one another like the super glue on my fingers from the Christmas gift I’m making for her but who has

Time to get back to my homework.


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